The chapter was established in 2009 after the then Kenya Polytechnic become a constituent college of University of Nairobi. It was recognized by management in 2010 after protracted struggle because management insisted on signing a recognition agreement (RA) which the union refused and insisted that the nationally signed RA be used. Union position eventually carried the day. The chapter was registered in 2010 by the Registrar of Trade Unions (RTU). The first officials of the union were registered in 2010. Thereafter the chapter has carried out fair, free and democratic elections to choose the leaders pursuant to the law and directions by RTU.

The union successfully negotiated, signed and implemented 2012-2013 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that benefited members with improved commuter allowance from Ksh4,500 to Ksh14,000 for all, among many other benefits. It was among the first CBA done by newly established constituent colleges in public universities in Kenya.  The union has since been very efficient in defending members in disciplinary cases, agitating for promotions for members and shielding members against victimization. The union has saved jobs and preserved justice to members.

The chapter is a very strong member in fraternity of chapters in all public universities in Kenya. We have lead in push for better pay and justice by effectively organizing and participating in strikes called by the national office. We a solid team and can achieve a lot. Let us keep up the unity.

Solidarity Forever Brothers and Sisters

Jacob Musembi

The aims and objectives of the Union shall be: -

  1. To buttress gender equity and equal opportunities without any form of discrimination on the basis of among others, sex, race, tribe, religion or ideology.
  2. To regulate and improve relations between members specified in Article 4 (a) and the Universities’ Councils; the students of the Kenya’s public Universities and other relevant stakeholders.
  3. To bring together and unite the academic staff of all grades and qualifications in Kenya’s universities as described by 4(a)
  4. To secure complete organization within the Union of all academic staff employed in the Universities as specified in Article (a).
  5. To provide the instrument of co-operation among the academic staff; academic labor unionization the aggregation and articulation of their collective views, interests, opinions and decisions upon matters affecting university education in particular and national education in general.
  6. To participate in all matters aimed at improving quality and standards of education in Kenya.